I'll try to inform how I do things, why I do them, and the experiences I have along the way. Hopefully, you can learn from my pursuit of learning how to create images and enjoying all the aspects that it brings.

Palm Beach Tan

We had the honor and opportunity to shoot for Palm Beach Tan last January. It was a big production with 30 models, 10 locations, and land and water shots over a 5 day period. We needed to provide enough stills for print campaigns for the next year and enough video footage for a multitude of uses. We had three shooters. Steven Veach was the still shooter, Chris DellaPace was the videographer, and I shot the RED in hopes that it would provide both video and stills. Now that the shoot is over, I'm quite confident that the RED does provide beautiful video and great still images. The images are quite different than what my Canon provides. They are softer and have a more realistic look. The RED is geared more toward making movies which is what the industry desires, soft and a bit grainy. However, still photographers desire to have crisp images. Rumor has it that RED is developing a filter (called an OLPF) that will be geared toward sharper images for still photographers. Until then, I am enjoying and warming up to softer and realistic images that the RED provides. Even with all the new gear coming out, great video and photography come from the  efforts of the production crew and great art direction from the client. Thanks to Chris, Steven, Louise, Brooke, Justin, Steve, Amanda, Wally, Tom, and Diane for a great shoot!