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AIA People's Choice Award / WDD and ATA

I've had the honor of working with Chad Young with his company Wittenberg Delony Davidson on the new building of the international headquarters for the American Taekwondo Association. Chad used elements of water, color, design, contrast and the idea of knowledge as a dedication to founder, the Eternal Grand Master H. U. Lee. For me, this was a fun challenge to capture these elements in a way that represented these ideas.

Before the shoot, we walked through the building to make sure we discussed all the elements and the ideas behind the design. The fountains were an important element and had to be shot correctly. The interior fountain had to filled with water (it was undergoing a repair) for our shoot to show that the exterior and interior fountain were connected, or at least appeared that way. We had to replace a couple of lights to make sure the building was lit correctly.

On the day of the shoot, a couple of representatives from WDD attended the shoot, Jay and Brian. They were a huge help along with my assistant to keep the lights on. Since, the lights were all motion sensored, they had to run around the building during the dusk and dawn shots to keep the lights on. It was fun to be on the phone with them and tell them to run down to the second floor, third room from the left of the west side of the building. It almost seemed like a game. They had fun.

Our work paid off. Chad and WDD won the AIA People's Choice Award (he won last years award for his work the Mid-America Science Museum in Hot Springs, AR). You can check out the project at

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